Andy Price

Founder, General Partner

As Founder and General Partner of Artisanal Ventures, Andy leverages his extensive network of industry experts, operators, and investors to source, diligence, invest in, and advise some of the best SaaS/Cloud companies in the market. Simply put, he will do anything to help Founders build gigantic companies.

Andy has backed and helped build multiple winners such as Abnormal Security, Snowflake, DocuSign, MuleSoft, Confluent, Amplitude, and many others and has an active portfolio of more than 20 companies in DevOps, Security, ML/AI, big data and workflow automation.

As a Founder of Artisanal Talent, he built an A+ team of specialized recruiters who hire leaders for engineering, product, and GTM functions for its clients. The firm has one of, if not the, strongest brands in the industry among the tech executive crowd. This search firm is a superpower for Artisanal Ventures backed Founders.