Tim Hoag


Tim brings over a decade of investment, operating and advisory experience in the world of SaaS.

Partner at TCV: Tim focused on investing in the next generation of software and fintech companies, resulting in a portfolio of industry disruptors like Toast. He also enhanced the firm outside of direct investing through leading the charge on portfolio review, offsites and other activities.

MBA from Stanford: Tim’s curiosity led him to explore a diverse range of disciplines, from technology to healthcare, energy to policy, and real estate, shaping a well-rounded perspective crucial for today’s multifaceted investment landscape.

Chief of Staff at Gainsight: Tim adopted a ‘Swiss-army knife’ approach, delivering on whatever the company needed at the time, such as running finance, partnerships, offsites, and OKRs. This versatility underscores his ability to deliver what a company needs, precisely when it needs it.

Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan: Tim laid the foundation for his financial acumen at J.P. Morgan where he executed a number of IPOs, M&A, and private placement transactions.

His dedication is mirrored in his personal life as an accomplished athlete, having completed multiple half Ironmans and marathons, recently clocking a 3:03 at the New York Marathon. His commitment to daily exercise is a reflection of his discipline and focus.

At the core of Tim’s professional endeavors is his unwavering commitment to transforming Artisanal Ventures into a premier investment firm. His unique blend of financial expertise, operational experience, and personal dedication makes him an invaluable asset to the team and the visionary founders they support.